POLICE have confirmed there is no criminal investigation against a former councillor.

Jo Beavis resigned from Braintree Council following a council investigation into the spending of public money.

It was later reported that a police investigation into her spending had taken place alongside the council investigation.

Mrs Beavis said: “I am pleased that Essex Police has informed me that there has been no criminal activity and therefore no case to be investigated.

“My solicitor, throughout the Braintree Council investigation, raised concerns about political interference in the process.

“The process should be devoid of political interference.”

A police spokesman said: “An allegation of fraud was referred to us on February 12, 2019, and we reviewed the file.

“It was decided there was no case to investigate.”

Mrs Beavis has since made a complaint to the Conservative Party, Essex Police and Braintree Council against a serving Braintree district councillor over alleged inappropriate behaviour.

A spokesman for Braintree Council said: “We have received correspondence from Mrs Beavis which we are considering in line with the council’s normal processes.

“The council has written to Mrs Beavis for clarification on a number of points in her correspondence, once this is received we will be in a position to consider the appropriate process for considering her correspondence.”