I WAS one of the many residents from Tey Road, Earls Colne that attended the Braintree Council planning meeting regarding 23 homes.

There were several observations I made from this meeting. One was this is paying lip service to the democratic process.

I am in total agreement with the statement in your paper made by Bernie Gaught (Gazette, March 1) that local planning is undemocratic.

Objectors are given no right to reply to any statements made by other parties within the meeting.

Many objectors had raised the problem with the A1124 Junction, although I could not see a representative from Essex Highways. That seemed very convenient that they could not answer any questions.

Councillor Parker stated she did make the effort to visit Tey Road.

Councillor Kirby stated on the evening he was “protecting council tax payers” against the costs of a governmental appeal.

He didn’t seem to consider the children that have to walk in the road because of no pathway on a blind bend at this junction. That new constructions should offer safe pedestrian and cycle routes to school.

In the Gazette he states he had no option, his hands were tied. No option to make a sensible decision. He probably had to follow party lines.

So you people of Halstead, Earls Colne, and the outlining villages, you have the May elections coming shortly.

Get rid of these councillors: they do not represent you the people that voted them in.

Monks Road - 50 houses approved. Public objectors: 80. Those in support, four.

Tey Road has now been approved with almost 100 per cent of residents against it.

Vote for decent independents that have integrity, those that will try at least to protect your villages from this building/traffic madness.

Arthur Moles

Tey Road, Earls Colne