I'm not surprised that Martin Walker has abandoned his valiant efforts to halt the outrageous overdevelopment of Halstead (Gazette, March 1).

The myth that we live in a democratic society where the concerns and opinions of local people matter has been exposed.

Where greedy developers, supported by Government policy and powerless local authorities are involved, the concerns and opinions of those affected are of no consequence. To believe otherwise is extremely naive.

Despite the problems that will undoubtedly result from existing developments, the Gladman/Bellway alliance is pressing on with plans for yet further housing projects west of Sudbury Road and south west of the A131 opposite the Oaks Development.

Another 450 homes, 1,000 people and no doubt 900 cars to add to the traffic chaos, air and noise pollution and already swamped local amenities.

On past showing, it is highly unlikely that Braintree Council will oppose these applications and, even if it did, the reality is that appeals will be rapidly lodged.

I have lodged my objections and apart from an obvious degree of nimbyism in my case and an accepted futility of doing so, I feel anyone who cares about the future of our town has a duty to express their concerns and ask Braintree Council to reject these plans.

Like me, you can at least say you tried.

MA Heard

Sudbury Road, Halstead