Regarding "Planners jeered as homes passed" (Gazette, March 1), here are quotes taken from Charley Goff's article regarding 23 homes in Tey Road, Earls Colne.

Councillor Stephen Kirby said "although he did not necessarily agree with the plans, the council's hands were tied".

Why are the council's hands tied?

"I do this with a heavy heart, but I have no option"

Why have you no option?

Heard at planning meeting.

"Sometimes we have to pass things we don't like"

Why are you passing housing plans that you do not like?

"We (the council ) have to think of rate payers".

Who do you think we objectors are?

Every opposed planning application for Halstead and surrounding villages, has many protesters. They pay their rates.

And guess what, we can also vote.

Maggie Foster

Lowefields, Earls Colne