TOTS channelled their inner superheroes in sessions to promote healthy living.

The Tumble Tots groups in Halstead and Braintree took part in “Healthy Heroes” week, a project in partnership with PJ Masks a children’s television show.

The themed week aims to help children associate being active with having fun in the hope they will stay active later in life.

Greg Hanmer, who runs the Tumble Tots group in Halstead with his wife, said: “This sort of creative play can be a really

positive experience and help them really find their own confidence.

“We are facing a real uphill struggle in the UK with childhood obesity and children’s activity levels at an all-time low.

“Basic movements from baby to toddler ages have been stripped out in modern lifestyles with new carriers, car seats and buggies, being used from day one, limiting children’s very important crawling and exploration stage.

“This next generation’s levels of inactivity by the time they reach primary school is alarming, increased screen time and sofa play has replaced outdoor and physical play, with the UK children being some of the least active in the world.

“Fortunately, with interventions like Tumble Tots and other physical children’s activity clubs, we are seeing a lot of health-conscious parents taking sets to set their children up with positive relationships with physical activity which will serve them later on in life.”