Plans to build up to 16 homes in a historic village look set to be dismissed.

Braintree Council’s planning officers have recommended two separate applications to build the new houses in Finchingfield both be refused by a planning committee, which is due to make a ruling next week.

Phase 2 Planning Development is seeking planning permission to build the 16 homes on land to the west of Hill House in Brent Hall Road.

The developer has separated the scheme into two applications, one for 10 homes and the other 16 in the hope that one will be approved. 

Both Historic England and Finchingfield Parish Council has submitted objections against the proposals, along with with eight residents.

Planning officers are also calling on councillors to dismiss the applications due to fears it will ‘urbanise’ the edge of Finchingfield and be “out of character” with the surrounding area.

Phase 2 Planning Development meanwhile argues the new homes would help to meet the shortfall in housing in the district.

A final decision will be made in Tuesday’s meeting at Causeway House which gets underway at 7.15pm.