THE loss of Sible Hedingham Library could be a hammer blow to the village.

The residents of the area have launched a last-ditch campaign to save their library from the chop as Essex County Council seeks to close dozens across the county.

Although their uses are not quite the same as they were before, libraries are still an integral part of communities across Essex and the rest of the UK.

Residents will use them on a daily basis to take their children to reading events, use computers, meet with friends and for its primary function, to take out books to read and study.

They are a central part of our communities and as far as is possible, they should be maintained.

Essex County Council is seeking to save about £2million a year from the proposed closures.

It is reported the running of Sible Hedingham Library on its own does not make a dent in that saving, only costing just under £15,000 to keep open every year.

The council has said there has been a significant drop in the past decade of how many people use their community libraries.

The council should use its expertise to make libraries more attractive and increase visitors instead of taking the easier option.

Because despite the drop in books being taken out, libraries are still an integral service for small communities across Essex.

The population of Sible Hedingham are right to continue battling for their facility, like many other communities.