A COMMUNITY spirited business woman "can't stop smiling" following a successful start to her project to help the homeless.

Aynur Nicholls,who lives off Colchester Road, Halstead, received permission from Essex County Council to run a clothes rail where members of the public can leave second hand items for others who need them to take for free.

The idea was to provide the homeless and those on low incomes with a way of keeping the cold out.

The rail has been up and running on Halstead High Street in front of Barclays bank for about a month now and Aynur has said it is going very well despite the odd teething problem.

"It’s going very well, except on one occasion when a lady tried to take one huge box and two bags of clothes all in once. I was recording her doing this, so I had a word with her and explained to her that there other people who need support too.

"I appreciate if she takes just what she needs instead of clearing it out.

"She seemed to get the message, but other than that so far so good.

"I go there and I see new clothes being added to the rail and some being taken by people in need. I'm going to continue this for another couple of months, even though I am struggling at the moment as I don't have a van, but I will not give up.

"I’m proud of the Halstead residents for supporting this idea.

"I love what I do helping vulnerable people who are in need makes me smile and makes me so happy.

"It’s not just me its the Halstead community who are supporting me, I’m so happy."

Aynur is also keen not to stop here. Following the success of her first community project she says she has something else up her sleeve that she thinks will be a huge benefit to the local area.

"I have other huge idea for the future to help vulnerable people, watch the space.

"We can’t kept waiting government and council etc to help as human being we need to help each other."