ANGRY residents claim a bid to build 200 more homes on the outskirts of Halstead will put even more pressure on overstretched services if plans get the green light.

Development firm Gladman has revealed it wants permission for more houses on farmland west of Sudbury Road.

The latest bid is in addition to the plans submitted for 218 homes on the east side of the road which was also put in by Gladman and later taken over by Bellway Homes.

After the initial application, protestors set up Hands Off Halstead to oppose the plans, which are awaiting a decision from Braintree Council.

Martin Walker, 45, is one of the founding members of the campaign group. He believes that if the new plans are put forward they will probably get the go-ahead.

He said: “This will go through, but I just hope that Braintree Council will have the joined-up thinking to look at the east side of Sudbury Road and put in a roundabout with the new junction further up.”

Mr Walker, who has been a Halstead resident for 14 years, also said said the expansion of St Andrew’s School would is vital if even more homes are to be built.

He said: “We still believe this development is unsustainable.

“It’s just going to exacerbate the existing problems, like the schools being at capacity and the doctors surgery.”

Members of the Hands Off Halstead group are angry about proposals for even more homes to be added to the road, after fighting the original application.

Their claims it is “unsustainable development” are echoed for the new plans.

Campaigner Clare Smith said: “The infrastructure in Halstead cannot cope with the amount of new homes proposed.

“While building companies give an amount to support that infrastructure, it is up to the council where it is used and clearly it’s not been put to good use.

“Developments don’t allow enough parking spaces for the new homes so cars are displaced to other roads causing parking issues, which councils say they don’t have money to resolve. Schools and doctors surgeries are already oversubscribed, and that’s before the new residents move in.

“That’s without the chaos that the building work causes to the traffic.

“I understand people need homes and we have the space to put them, but surely it’s not rocket science the councils need to sort out the infrastructure before lining their pockets.”

The latest plans have not been formally submitted, but the developers are holding a public consultation.

The plans for 200 homes to be built on the west side of Sudbury road have not yet been posed as official plans. 
The Gazette have contacted Gladman for a comment.