A BRAINTREE couple have enjoyed a double celebration this Christmas as they mark 60 years of marriage.

Brian and Evelyn Laws will be celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary with friends and family during a special party at the White Lion pub in Sible Hedingham on Saturday.

The duo, who live in Malyon Close, Braintree, have spent the last few years together happily retired and insist their love has never been stronger.

Evelyn, who is four years younger than Brian at 76, said: "It's a remarkable achievement and we never thought we would reach 60 years together when we got married.

"I love him very much and I know he feels the same. That's the been the key I guess.

"We always say never go to bed or go anywhere away from each other when in the middle of an argument. I guess the secrets are just to be loving to one another. I have had a brilliant time with Brian and I think if we could, then we would love to do those 60 years all over again."

The couple first met in the 1950's when going to the cinema with friends. The love between the two grew quickly and they tied the knot on December 27, 1958 at Ford End church.

They went on to have two children, Wendy and Wayne, and have since welcomed seven grandchildren and a great-granddaughter into their family.

Despite holding a variety of jobs throughout their lives, the couple have managed to stay close throughout and rarely spent time apart.

Brian has served in the army, worked as a farmer and as a long distance lorry driver, while Evelyn has worked on the land and in care homes.

She added: "We have always been very close. Brian was in the army for two years which wasn't easy but we managed to get a place near to where he was based so weren't apart for very long.

"Brian has worked most of his life and only had to retire early when he fell ill. We have enjoyed our retirement together but we do miss working. We both say how we miss having weekends. It's very different when you're off each day. But we're lucky that we can spend each day together."