THE seemingly unstoppable housing development juggernaut continues to roll on relentlessly.

Plans for 71 new homes off Mount Hill, in Halstead, are set to go to a public inquiry, despite council planning officers insistence that the development would be intrusive and should be turned down.

In Stisted, campaigners dressed up in chicken outfits to protest against proposals to build on a historic meadow in the village.

And now there are fears that historic woodland in Halstead town centre could be destroyed after developers announced plans for 73 homes and apartments on the site, which is home to 16 old air raid shelters.

The Halstead 21st Century pressure group had hoped to create a heritage park there, but claims a bid to hold talks with the developer over the project has been snubbed.

They say the development - if it goes ahead - completely ignores what is described as "an amazing opportunity" for the town.

It is just the latest application in the unending dash to build more and more homes.

Residents in our towns and villages are fighting developments on more and more fronts.

They can be forgiven for wondering when it will ever end.