A set of new buildings will be built on the edge of an industrial estate.

East Anglian Property Investments will be installing four units on an area of land of sixth avenue in Bluebridge Industrial Estate, Halstead.

The new buildings, which will be made of traditional materials in keeping with the industrial estate, will be offered out as either offices, storage or workshops.

There will also be 22 car parking spaces created, which will be shared between the occupants of the four units.

No objections were raised during a public consultation period, and Braintree Council’s planning department have given the green light following a committee meeting.

Councillor Tom Cunningham said: “Whilst it’s on the edge of the town of Halstead it is actually serving a largely rural community in terms of increasing rural job opportunities.

“So with that in mind and the fact it smartens up the site, I’m not convinced there are significant impacts negating the benefits of the application and am happy to support it.”

Halstead councillor Stephen Kirby added: “It’s the ideal place for this to be built.”