Objections are flooding in against contentious plans to build 50 new homes in Halstead.

Braintree Council has already received dozens of letters objecting to the latest proposals to build houses off Oak Road.

Famco Estates wants to build 28 properties for the open market and 22 affordable dwellings in Oak Field and is waiting on Braintree Council’s decision over the application.

The plans have been met with fierce opposition from residents living in Oak Road, Conies Road and Parker Way, with many raising concerns about the impact on wildlife and the environment.

Doubts have also been raised about the suitability of the site, with some highlighting issues with flooding.

In a letter of objection, one resident from Conies Road states: “My property boarders the proposed development, the land is an area of natural beauty which other dog walkers and I have enjoyed for years.

“The land floods every year from my garden to nearly the other side making a pond. Oak Road floods too.

“The developers will need to drain the land before they can build, they are then proposing to plant trees at the boarder of my property which will stop light coming into my garden.”

Halstead Town Council is also objecting to the proposals after a recent meeting saw dozens of residents urge councillors to oppose the plans. Like many at the meeting, chairman Andrew Munday was unimpressed with the scheme and shared fears that the new homes would lead to increased traffic along Oak Road, which is notoriously narrow in places.

He said: “I’ve read the objections and there are many of them.

“I’ve read the documents and there is clearly nothing actually positive about the site whatsoever.

“I just can’t see it causing anything other than problems, chaos and danger. It [building homes] is not an appropriate thing to do.”

Deputy chairman Mick Radley added: “All the issues of Oak Road being a rat run will not show up in any statistics.

“But it is a reality and we have to stand firm and object on that basis.”