Plans to get voluntary police officers patrolling the streets of Halstead have stalled due to a lack of applicants.

Halstead Town Council says no one has put themselves forward to become a special constable in the town.

The authority signed up to the scheme back in June and announced funding for three specials, with each one expected to need a maximum of £1,000 a year to cover expenses.

But five months have passed by without a single applicant for the scheme and the town council has now launched a fresh appeal for volunteers to sign up.

A spokesman said: "The council is aware of the continuing antisocial behaviour in the town.

"The council views the presence of uniformed police in the town as a deterrent in itself, and hopes that the volunteer specials will be able to gain the respect of local people, and be able to root out the causes of some of the antisocial behaviour.

"So far, no-one has stepped forward to work for the town in this way."

Halstead Town Council says it will continue to appeal for applicants and has vowed it will not to not abandon the scheme

The specials project has taken off in other towns such as Witham, Dunmow and on Mersea Islands, where volunteers are being trained or are already out on the streets.

Specials have the same powers as full-time police officers and are expected to work closely with councils to help utilise them in the best way possible.

Anyone wanting to sign up to the scheme would be required to give up a minimum of 16 hours a month and would have to check in and out at Braintree Police Station at the start and end of each shift.

Contact the town council on 01787 476480 or visit