Residents have been warned they must report antisocial behaviour involving fireworks before someone is killed.

Town and district councillor Jackie Pell is urging people to contact Essex Police with information following reports of a group of people misusing fireworks at the Courtauld Sports Ground in Colchester Road, Halstead.

Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen the group launching display rockets at each other in the sports ground car park late one night.

Residents living close to the site have also informed the Gazette that fireworks have been left off from within the facilities on multiple occasions in recent weeks.

One resident living in Upper Fenn Road said: "I heard it the other night, went to look across the field and I could see people setting off fireworks.

"They were launching them across the car park sideways. I was thinking how easy it would be for one to hit a house or someone walking by. It was quite dangerous."

Halstead Town Council says it has reported the issue to the police but Mrs Pell, who is chairman of the Courtauld Sports Ground management committee, insists anyone who witnesses this type of behaviour should also inform the force.

She said: "It’s not funny. It’s actually very dangerous.

"I was disappointed to hear about it and it’s a shame people are not respecting others.

"Those people living near to the ground were very upset this weekend. Someone could get killed or seriously injured if people are messing around with fireworks.

"We don’t want this kind of behaviour in our town.

What people must do is report things like this to the police. We are not always aware of what’s going on at night so we can’t help unless it gets reported.

"It can be very distressing for pets, their owners and the elderly. It also disturbs families with young children who will be asleep."

Other residents living close to the sports ground say it has also been used as a meeting point by boy racers in recent months.

Mrs Pell says any antisocial behaviour taking place in the sports grounds must be stopped and admits she and fellow committee members would be forced to consider closing the popular fields off to members of the public at night if the problems continued.

She added: "If people want a firework display at the sports ground then it can be arranged. We want everyone to use the facilities up there.

"We have the outdoor gym and everyone is welcome to go to the ground and use it. We don’t want to get to a point where we have to close it at certain times."