A PLAN of action which will aim to improve safety, press for town centre regeneration and promote tourism has been revealed.

Halstead councillors agreed to the 'Working Action Plan' at a meeting this week in a bid to make it clear to residents what they are working towards.

The list of 12 issues has been released by Halstead Town Council detailing what it will be working on over the course of the next 12 months.

It includes investigating and implementing Special Constables, working to with organisations and authorities on anti-social behaviour and press Braintree Council to deliver an appropriate town centre regeneration plan.

The council will also seek funding to repair the footbridge near Sainsbury's car park which has been closed for safety reasons since 2014.

There are also plans to press the Environment Agency to make improvements to the appearance of the river with a focus on The Causeway.

Shirley Diver, town councillor, said: "We would like to promote it more and would like it to perhaps be in a more likeable state but it's tough to say much more on the river because it's privately owned.

"As a whole there's been a lot of hard work gone into it and I think we are nearly there now."

Town council bosses say the action plan is a working document which will be regularly updated and reviewed at the end of each financial year.

Mick Radley, Halstead's deputy mayor, said: "I’m really pleased that town councillors agreed to support the Working Action Plan for Halstead.

"This plan brings together and into focus some of the things that the town council is trying to do to improve the town.

"We have been working with other authorities and organisations on many of these actions during this year and will continue to do so in the coming months."

Helping residents report potholes and pavements is also part of the plan as is ensuring residents' views are taken into account for planning application reviews.

The council also says it wants to seek boundary changes to include developments adjoining Halstead and it hopes to see improvements to the Ramsey Road playing field area.

Supporting tourism initiatives, improved facilities for youngsters and monitoring the Open Spaces Action Plan are also on the hit list.