Potholes have to be one of the hottest topics when it comes to community concerns.

We are all blighted by them whether we are a driver, cyclist or pedestrian.

And it seems those in higher positions are now taking note of our unhappiness at the scourge on our lives.

County Hall infrastructure boss Kevin Bentley has asked all 75 of the authority’s members to submit a top

20 list of the worst offending defects.

This equates to 1,500 potholes

being repaired across the county – 160 of which will be in the Braintree district.

All eight of our councillors have asked their parish and town councils to suggest the problem potholes causing chaos in their area.

County Hall is using £2.4million to fill the potholes by spring.

The pledge has been described as a golden opportunity for us to have our say – via our councillors.

Hundreds of potholes appeared across the county after the Beast from the East struck in March.

And Essex Highways has battled to get these repaired.

This new pot of money isn’t for main routes – it is for the smaller roads used by people in the district every day.

Without this investment these potholes may have been further down the list on defects given priority.

The council has promised those which don’t make the cut will still be repaired, but this gives some which have been neglected a fast track to being restored.

We await the results, but well done Essex County Council for listening to what residents have been asking for.

Long may it continue.