Plans to build 70 new homes off a notoriously narrow Halstead road have been unveiled.

Hargreaves Land has applied for outline planning permission to build the new houses on land off Fenn Road.

The developer, which has been working on the plans since 2011, says it will create a new public open space alongside building works, while also offering solutions to traffic congestion in the area.

A public consultation was held on the proposals back in February, where Hargreaves Land had initially suggested building 66 homes. There were also plans to allocate some of these houses as self builds, meaning the developer would sell off individual plots of land to private investors.

However, this idea has now been abandoned and the number of proposed homes extended to 70.

Hargreaves Land says 30 per cent of the homes would be allocated as affordable housing.

The company's design and access statement acknowledges the complexities of building on the land, some of which is based on a steep hill.

It states: "The site is sustainable in terms of its location, connectivity and access to local amenities and the town centre.

"However, given the local topography and valley setting, consideration will need to be given to the layout and scale of development and its impact on views, both from Fenn Road and on the approach into Halstead along Brook Street.

"The development should also respond to the different settings of the urban edge to the west of the site and the rural character to the east."

Hargreaves Land says it will work with Highways bosses on widening Fenn Road, which regularly has car parked along one side of the carriageway.

Access to the west half of the site would come via Fenn Road while another access point for the east side would come off Brook Street.

A pedestrian footbridge over the brook will provide the only link between the two halves of the site.

The edge of the development closest to Fenn Road will also be landscaped due to the steep sloping of the land.

For more information about the planning application, visit Braintree Council's planning portal and search for reference 18/01803/OUT.