A council could install licence plate recognition technology in a bid to stamp out unruly behaviour taking place in one of its car parks.

Halstead Town Council is looking into the possibility of introducing ANPR cameras in Butler Road car park.

The site has allegedly become a hotspot for antisocial behaviour both during the day and at night.

Residents living nearby have also claimed Butler Road and nearby Beridge Road is used as a place to race and drive at excessive speeds.

It had been suggested speed bumps be installed along both roads to deter drivers from speeding. But this was was ruled out during a town council meeting ,with councillor David Gronland stating is could create further danger to the public.

A proposal to install Number Plate Recognition hardware in Butler Road car park was then put forward. Councillors argued it may act as a deterrent, while also helping police catch antisocial drivers.

Despite concerns the town council may not have the money for such a scheme, the clerk has been instructed to explore the possibility of introducing ANPR technology in the car park.

The town council will also ask Essex Highways to devise traffic schemes which may curb speeding in the area.

Councillor Jackie Pell has admitted discussions over how to tackle the problem are likely to go on for some time and she is unsure if licence plate recognition would help.

She said: "All it will do is show up number plates of cars in the car park. It won't be able to show what people are doing.

"It is only a suggestion at the moment. Highways are the experts and they will know the best way to tackle this."

Mrs Pell added: "Over the years this behaviour has come and gone. People grow up and stop doing it but then the next lot come along.

"It has to stop. It is a public car park where people should expect their cars to be safe. It is also a residential area and has a big impact on people living there, especially all of the noise pollution when they rev their engines."

Essex Police's community policing teams have been increasing patrols along Butler Road following reports of antisocial behaviour.