A pub and B&B boss who appeared on Channel 4’s Four In A Bed programme has warned others to think twice before going on the programme.

Michael Campbell, who owns the Hare and Hounds at High Garrett, came joint first when he and his partner appeared on the popular afternoon show last week.

But following their appearance on the programme, the business has attracted a string of negative online reviews while so-called trolls have also sent emails and made phone calls targetting the couple.

Mr Campbell, 24, says the way he was portrayed by production company Studio Lambert was unfair and is concerned it will impact negatively on the business.

He said: “Every show needs the bad guys and perhaps because the other couples were older and a bit wiser maybe we were a bit naive and that meant the producers targeted us.

“But we felt befriended by the crew so when they gave us advice about how to say something or how to word something we felt comfortable saying it.

“The thing is people don’t realise how it’s filmed. They cut sentences and use one half where it was meant to be used and other half in completely different part of the show.”

The show sees four bed and breakfast owners take it in turns to stay at each other’s businesses throughout the week before giving reviews and choosing how much to pay based on their experience.

Mr Campbell said issues began when they realised they would have to stay at a glamping site run by a fellow couple – despite Mr Campbell claiming he made it clear during initial talks they would not stay in a tent.

Mr Campbell took over the Hare and Hounds in January and says business has been good. But he now but he’s fears the appearance on the show will destroy his good work.

He said: “I am worried. Some of the reviews we’ve had are just ridiculous.

“One talks about how the service on reception was awful. We don’t have a reception – we have a bar.

“The producers haven’t given a thought to how this will impact us which is horrible because the staff are brilliant. We have some amazing chefs and the customers have been lovely.”

He added: “Having watched it back, I do wish I’d reacted differently in the feedback section.

“I can see it was meant to be constructive but it’s hard to hear when you’ve put so much work into the business. I would tell others not to go on the show but if you do do it, don’t be swayed and be smart.”

A spokesman for Four In A Bed said: “The programmes are a fair and accurate portrayal of what occurred during filming and we take our duty of care very seriously.”