What is happening to our town?

When I think of 30 years ago when I came to live in Halstead, it was a vibrant, friendly town with a busy market and lovely shops.

It was a happy place to live, but not so now.

Everywhere has a neglected appearance.

The river looks like a forest and the other side is covered in algae which must be a health hazard.

The High Street shop windows have been vandalised and cash machines have been stolen from several shops. Soon people will be afraid to go out.

A few months ago I was assaulted in broad daylight on the crossing in the High Street for no reason.

I wonder if the would-be buyers of the new houses going up in Halstead are aware of what’s happening.

Maybe they will think twice about living here.

The pride has gone from this once lovely town. It is so sad to see how it is today.

Barbara Carr, Halstead