Heroic firefighters saved a farmer’s livestock from harm after a countryside field went up in flames.

As many as six different fire crews, including two from Halstead, were called out to Lorkin’s Lane, Twinstead, where they found a fire raging across a 40 acre field.

After an hour long battle, the blaze was fully extinguished and had been prevented from spreading to a nearby field full of cattle.

Two houses with thatched roofs had also been in danger of damage due to their close proximity to the fire.

It is understood the blaze, which began some time just before 3pm on Tuesday, was potentially started by straw which had ignited inside a combine harvester and was then thrown out of the back of the vehicle.

The blaze came just two days after a joint operation between Essex and Suffolk firefighters helped put an end to another field fire in Bures Hamlet.

Half of a 15 acre field off Colne Road was understood to be on fire before firefighters from Halstead, Colchester and Sudbury brought it under control.

The fire had begun at 3.21pm on Sunday and was extinguished by 4pm.

With the warm, dry weather leaving many fields vulnerable to flames, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is asking people to be vigilant.

Head of community safety Lee Lucas said: “We have been experiencing soaring temperatures and dry conditions for over a week now and the forecasts looks like it will continue well into next week.

“The weather has made our countryside very dry and the risk of fires increase.

“We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the weather by going outside, but it is important to stay fire aware when out and about to ensure we can minimalise the fire risk.”

The fire service is also asking for people not to start bonfires until the weather conditions have changed.

For further safety advice, visit https://bit.ly/2oHECEC.