In this week’s Gazette we bring you an interview with the businessman behind plans to revive an historic building.

John de Bruyne has always had a clear vision for Townsford Mill ever since he purchased the site last year and he seems determined to deliver on it.

He says the proposals will be of benefit to the town, and in many ways, it’s hard to disagree with him.

The plans for the mill can help give it a new lease of life and encourage more visitors to Halstead, something both the town council and chamber of trade are working hard at.

Though a hotel is a new idea for our town, if approved, there will actually be very few noticeable changes made at Townsford Mill.

If anything, these new plans aim to preserve the history and character of the site, while also helping to bring it into greater use.

It’s a compromise which seems right for Halstead. And one which can benefit everyone.