Once again the splendid efforts of Halstead in Bloom to make our town look great are being destroyed by the lack of such care shown by other authorities.

This picture shows the state of the most attractive and touristy site in the town - the Causeway and Townsford Mill.

The planting is magnificent - the husbandry of the river is appalling. It seems no-one cares.

Where are the Environment Agency, Essex county and Braintree district councils?

Our town council cares but has little funds and our MP? Well, James Cleverly is a bit busy running the Tory Party these days.

At least the new owner of the Mill has some excellent plans to improve our town and has shown willingness to help with the resolution of the broken weir.

But what about all the overgrowth people? How about a bit of husbandry on the river - before the rats take over.

Richard Woods

Rosemary Lane, Halstead