If they wanted to get the world talking about their music, Germein are going the right way about it.

First of all, their latest single is called Talking, but then picking up a support slot with one of the biggest bands on the planet is pretty smart too.

That’s pop sensations Little Mix, who since becoming the first group to win the X Factor, have gone from massive super success to even greater massive super success.

Currently on a stadium tour of the country, they arrive at Colchester United’s home this weekend, and providing more than capable support is another girl group hoping to make just as big a name for themselves.

With natural comparisons to America’s Haim, Germein are sisters, Georgia (vocals/guitar); Ella (bass) and Clara (drums).

“Ella also plays the electric cello,” Georgia tells me, “but she had to leave it home.”

“I’m pretty sad about that,” Ella adds, “but for the 30 minute set we are doing it just wasn’t worth the hassle, may be next year.”

Which may well be on the cards the way the sisters are going.

Halstead Gazette: Summer tour - Clara, Georgia and Ella AKA Germein Picture: Israel Baldago

As siblings growing up in Adelaide Hills, South Australia, the trio have been playing together for so long that the band has become second nature to them.

Taking lead from artists like Haim and Scottish electro-popsters Chvrches, the sisters aren’t afraid to explore a wide palate of musical styles, while keeping a firm hand on pop sensibilities

“We love bands with a strong harmony feel like Fleetwood Mac and Queen and the edginess of Florence and the Machine and The Wombats” says Ella. “Plus you can’t beat the fun energy of iconic female artists from over the years like the Spice Girls, Beyoncé and of course Little Mix.”

Which is a good job since they’ll be joining the Mix’sters on their mammoth stadium tour this summer.

“It’s such an incredible opportunity for us,” Georgia adds. “We played two shows with them last year and although we obviously didn’t know it at the time, we suspect that was a mini audition to see if we might be good enough to support them for a whole tour.

“We’re really looking forward to it. Unfortunately we didn’t get time to hang out with them last time but perhaps this time around we will. Touring is pretty full on though.

“What’s really great for us is being able to perform in lots of different places around the UK and introduce them to our music.”

So a pretty good time to release a new song then, which already has everyone, sorry, ‘talking’.

Talking is the first taste of a new Germein, created and recorded and produced at home by Georgia with mixing by acclaimed mixer John Castle and pre production by Stuart Gray.

Halstead Gazette: Germein Picture: Israel Baldago

“We realised it was time to take control for ourselves and really start making the music that we want to make on our own terms’” says Georgia.“We decided to record and produce ourselves in our home studio. When we hit play on Talking, we knew it was the musical vision we’ve had for ourselves finally coming to life.”

Although making a video, which involved getting splattered in pink dust must have been a little trying?

“Ah it was fun,” Georgia assures me. “Sure it got in our ears and our instruments and made us sneeze, a lot, but it looks good, doesn’t it?”

After performing for grandparents, friends and close relatives from a very young age, the band didn’t really take shape until after Georgia went away to study music at university.

“We used to perform together all the time at High School,” Ella says, “and at one point we even got our younger brother Charlie involved, except he has a proper job now looking after police horses.”

“It was when I graduated,” Georgia continues, “and I needed a band to perform the songs I had been writing. At first we had these two guys from uni playing with us but then they started to become unavailable for gigs, so eventually it was just the three of us.”

I bet those guys are kicking themselves now, not only missing out the chance to tour with Little Mix but also getting to play the Isle of Wight Festival.

Halstead Gazette: Big name - Little Mix at the V Festival

“We did a few national tours,” Georgia explains, “which went pretty well although touring in Australia is much harder than doing Europe. I remember one time we drove about 1,000km right across the country from one gig to the next, so touring the UK is a complete joy.

“We’ve done Germany quite a lot. One of our very first songs was picked up for a tourist commercial and on the back of that we got quite well known there, and this summer was the fourth time we’ve done the Isle of Wight Festival, which is just such a blast.”

Which is a very long way from their first gig.

“Our dad played in a jazz band,” Ella reveals, “so music was always around us when we were growing up. It was his dream to have us all playing together so he organised this gig for us out at this hotel in the middle of the desert, which actually turned out pretty great because all our friends and family turned up.”

With their new single making a big splash on the radio and their new tour with Little Mix, it’s not only dad that’s living the dream, the Germein girls are too.

Germein play the Colchester United Stadium this Sunday as support to Little Mix.

To find out more about the band go to www.germeinsisters.com