A 600-year old pub owned by the community is set to undergo a major revamp in a bid to safeguard its future.

The Kings Head, in Pebmarsh, will have a new roof installed later this year as part of a series of projects which will improve the facilities for villagers.

Plans to install a new kitchen and create a more accessible entrance for wheelchair users are also in the pipeline for a pub which was bought by more than 400 members of the public last year.

The company which runs the pub, Pebmarsh Community Pub Ltd, gave the green light to plans to install the new roof after it secured a £20,676 grant from Enovert Community Trust.

Secretary Perry Crimmins said: “The Kings Head pub at Pebmarsh is the ground-breaking first Pub Community Benefit Society to receive a grant from Enovert Community Trust, which is great news for us and we thank the trust sincerely.

“The project to replace the roof was designed by a local architect and will be delivered by craftsmen from the surrounding area.”

The grant is understood to cover 60 per cent of costs for the new roof, while the remaining amount will be covered by funds raised by shareholders.

Braintree Council has given its consent for work to be done on the Grade II listed pub and alongside the plans for a new kitchen, toilets, windows and doors.

There are also plans in place to provide improve the access to the pub for less-abled visitors.

Committee member Peter Hale said: “When we bought the pub last year, we had a building which had been neglected and could have become derelict very quickly.“We had a survey completed before we started work on it and we were told the roof only had one or two years left. “The new roof is the first phase of improvements we hope to make.

“The next phase is about improving the internal facilities for everyone.

“We have some plans in place but are still meeting with shareholders, the tenants and the community to see what improvements they want to be made.

“This pub is owned by everybody and everyone should be able to have an input.”

The Kings Head will remain open to customers during the installation of the new roof, with work expected to begin in September.

Further improvement works are not expected to begin until next year once funding has been secured.