Skateboard users are at risk of getting injured because the park which they use has become dangerous, it is claimed.

Tommy Harrington, 15, says the skate park off Ramsey Road, Halstead, is littered with potential hazards and many skateboarders are now being forced to go elsewhere.

Council plans to build a new skate park in Halstead have continually stalled in recent years because of a lack of funding.

And as the wait goes on for a new park, Tommy says he and his fellow skateboarders are finding the current facilities are becoming more and more dangerous as wear and tear increases.

He said: “The skate park at this point is beyond repair and is dangerous to the users, in particular the metal half-pipe which has plenty of holes and rust spots which can severely hurt skateboarders.

"The whole design of the skate park also does not make any sense with obstacles going straight into the grass and the concrete being full of stones.

“Skaters have to ride in places such as the leisure centre, the Co-op and Queens Hall where they are likely to get in trouble by the land owners. This could all change if a new skate park was inserted.

“The council have said a new skate park will definitely happen yet no date has been given.” So as far as we know it could be in a decade until we get a new skate park.”

A document outlining future improvements to open spaces in the Braintree district states a public consultation is likely to be held on the proposed new recreation ground along Ramsey Road.However, the project can only begin once funding becomes available.Braintree Council was contacted for comment.

Wendy Schmitt, Braintree councillor responsible for environment and place, said: “We understand how important Halstead Skate Park is and will be carrying out repairs to the existing equipment over the next month.”

She also said plans are in place to replace the facility, which will be funded by the firm behind the Oakwood Hill development. A consultation on the plans will be held later this year.