I know it is an ongoing complaint, but our poor river is going from bad to worse.

Surely if the Environmental Agency, or anyone else for that matter, refuses to do anything about the flow of the river, then it could at least get it cleaned up and all the weeds and trees taken out.

There is a lot of talk about encouraging tourism in the town, but how on earth can we with one of our main attractions becoming a complete eyesore. No chance at all I fear.

I recently watched an old episode of Lovejoy, which was filmed along the Causeway, and what a difference.

The river was in full flow and completely weed free, a sight to behold and one I hope we will see again sooner rather than later.

Come on somebody, please take responsibility and get it cleaned up and back to how it should be - an asset to the town.

Allesander Roberts

Ronald Road, Halstead