A working group could be set up in a bid to tackle concerns over the number of lorries passing through Halstead.

The town council will discuss plans to create the group which will lobby Essex Highways and seek to change parts of the Strategic Lorry Routes plan.

The decision comes after residents in Head Street complained about the danger and damage passing lorries could cause to their homes.

Parts of Head Street are too narrow for lorries to pass, meaning some high goods vehicles are forced to mount the pavements to avoid oncoming traffic.

The narrow pavements mean lorries often pass just inches away from some of the houses.

Town councillor Eileen Penn will put forward the proposals during a meeting at Queens Hall on Monday.

In a report set to go before councillors, she said: “I have had contact from some very concerned residents of Head Street about lorries and other large vehicles driving on the pavement, some dangerously close to their houses.

“They are also very worried about possible structural damage that could occur to their properties as a result.

“Due to the very high volume of traffic that frequently passes through Halstead, Head Street constantly becomes a pinch point.”

“One of the potential ways of reducing the number of lorries passing through Halstead is to review and seek a change to the Strategic Lorry Routes.”

Head Street forms part of the busy A131 which runs through the centre of the town, linking Chelmsford to Sudbury.