Members of the Halstead Twinning Association travelled across the English Channel to celebrate 35 years of twinning with a town in northern France.

New Halstead mayor Andrew Munday joined a group of 30 people from the town’s twinning association to visit to Haubourdin, close to the France/Belgium border.

The two towns have been linked since 1983.

The special visit marked the 35th anniversary since the agreement and those who had travelled from Halstead were all welcomed at a reception.

Mr Munday then presented representatives from Haubourdin with a woodcarving gift from Halstead Town Council named The Hands of Friendship, which was produced by Halstead artist Andy Butcher.

Mick Radley, who is chairman of the Twinning Association, said: “The people of Halstead share a special lasting bond with their host families in Haubourdin.

“We organise exchange visits with our friends each year and keep in regular contact in between.”

He added if any residents are interested in visiting the town, the committee can find a suitable host family.

For more information, contact Mr Radley on 01787 475145.