Town council bosses are urging residents to be vigilant amid reports of increasing antisocial behaviour taking place in one of its car parks.

Residents living in Butler Road, Halstead, have raised concerns about drivers using a nearby car park as a place to perform stunts, rev their engines and drink alcohol late at night.

Essex Police confirmed it was aware of potential problems in Butler Road itself, but the force has urged residents to report issues relating to the car park specifically.

Halstead Town Council has echoed the calls of the police and is asking residents to be vigilant in and around the area.

A spokesman said: “Halstead Town Council is very concerned at recent reports of daily antisocial behaviour from young drivers.

“It has been aware for some time of young drivers using the car park as a meeting place, and throwing all kinds of rubbish at random in the car park.

“Council employees have been picking up this rubbish for months, and advising the drivers to put it in the bins as expected.

“This behaviour is becoming a daily irritant for residents, and endangers the lives of those, young and old, who might be walking in Butler Road or the car park.

“The council has no authority over these young drivers, and would join residents in requesting greater vigilance from the police.”

A barman at the Locomotive pub, which is opposite the car park on Butler Road, told the Gazette some customers have also raised concerns about behaviour in the car park.

He said: “We have had some people say they feel intimidated when they park their cars over there.

“It’s been going on for years but I would say it has been getting worse lately.

“There’s three or four of them that are there all the time, daytime and at night.

“They leave their litter all of the place and play loud music at night.

“Something needs to be done about it.”

To report issues, contact police on 101.