Voluntary police officers are back on the agenda for Halstead following the launch of a new scheme.

The town council is set to discuss the concept at a meeting on Monday after Essex Police unveiled its first dedicated special constables in Witham earlier this week.

Councillors have been reluctant to sign Halstead up to the scheme due to concerns over the exact role of the officers. Special constables are voluntary officers with the same powers as police officers.

Expenses incurred during shifts would need to be covered by the town council, if it chooses to go ahead with the scheme.

A report which will be put before councillors states there is provision for five special constables in the town council budget.

A special constable could cost up to £1,000 per year.

The report adds the town council would be able to review the effectiveness of the scheme after 12 months.

Specials would be required to work closely with the council. A decision over whether to commit Halstead to three specials will likely be made during Monday’s meeting, which takes place at Queens Hall.