A woman whose life was saved by air ambulance crews is putting on a fundraising event to thank them.

Hannah Chapman, 25, was 30 minutes from death when a tumour burst in her brain overnight in August last year.

Worried colleagues contacted Ms Chapman’s family when she didn’t turn up for work the next day, leading to her brother-in-law to kick down the door of her home in Armond Road, Witham to find her unresponsive.

Ambulance crews attended shortly after and she was airlifted to Queen’s Hospital in Romford to undergo lifesaving surgery.

The tumour was revealed to be cancerous, and Ms Chapman, who grew up in Maldon, was also diagnosed with terminal skin cancer.

Whilst she does not know how long her life will be, Ms Chapman has drawn up a bucket list, which includes putting an event on to thank the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, in Earls Colne, for saving her.

Her charity day is due to be held at Heybridge Swifts Football Club on August 5, which will include a petting zoo, dozens of traditional stalls, oldies vs youngsters football match, clubhouse food and a bar open until midnight.

Ms Chapman said: “I never even knew I had a tumour in my brain, it was never discovered by any doctor or medic.

“I’d been feeling absolutely fine in the weeks leading up to the burst, until the night before where I’d felt under the weather and went to bed.

“Next morning it had burst and I was bleeding internally. Thankfully after my sister and her husband found me the paramedics came very quickly, and they identified all of the signs to know I was in trouble.

“After the surgery, they told me had I been found 30 minutes later I wouldn’t have survived.

“Whilst my life has been shortened now because of the cancer, these people saved my life, and I owe them so much. I knew I wanted to put on something big to thank them.

£I want to raise as much money as I can to help them continue to save people’s lives.”

Ms Chapman now lives with her father in Colchester.