Waiting restrictions are set to be introduced on a street in the centre of Halstead, despite residents’ concerns over parking.

Over the coming days, Essex County Council is set to approve the extension of the restrictions in Mallows Field, Halstead.

The proposal, which seeks to extend the existing yellow lines by 13.5 metres, was requested by late councillor Joe Pike in the hopes of increasing visibility on the approach to the roundabout at the road’s junction with Parsonage Street.

Halstead Town Council and county councillor Jo Beavis have supported the proposal, but some residents have objected on the grounds of the loss of on-street parking in the vicinity.

However, Essex County Council insists the benefits of the scheme will outweigh the damage from relocating two vehicles from the spaces which will be lost.

A report states: “The proposed restrictions should make it easier for vulnerable residents to get from their vehicle, wherever they choose to park, to their property, as there will be greater visibility for drivers to be able to see the pedestrians and be greater visibility for pedestrians when walking alongside or crossing the highway.”

Residents said the cars parked close to the roundabout also worked as a “traffic calming system” - slowing traffic down before it reached the roundabout.

Speed bumps were an alternative suggested, however Essex County Council say further investigations would have to be carried out.

Funding of £3,000 has been set aside by Braintree Council’s Local Highways Panel for the project to be implemented once approval is given.