Plans to secure a new playground for children in a village are still unclear as a council explores “several options”.

Representatives from Castle Hedingham Parish Council, Braintree Council and Hedingham Castle held a meeting behind closed doors to discuss where a new area could be established.

The existing play area is based on land owned by Hedingham Castle, which plans to develop housing on the site in the near future.

According to minutes of previous meetings, councillors had pushed for a final decision to be made on the playground future during a private meeting held on Monday, April 30.

However, no decision has been reached after the parish council were instead given different options to resolve the matter.

Claire Waters, clerk for Castle Hedingham Parish Council, said: “Two councillors attended the meeting and I understand it went well.

“There are several options available, but any decision made will need to be agreed by full council.”

Castle Hedingham Parish Council was set to hold its annual meeting last night, however the issue was not listed on the agenda.

It remains unclear what options are available to the parish council and when a decision over the playground’s future will be made.

A Braintree Council spokesman said: “We are having ongoing discussions with Castle Hedingham Parish Council and the owners of Hedingham Castle so we can make progress and establish the best way forward for the children’s play area.”

Hedingham Castle is understood to have offered land off Church Lane as an alternative location for the playground. However, the offer would only be in place for 20 years. and the parish council would prefer a longer term option.