Once again, the Environment Agency (Gazette, April 1) insults our intelligence and departs from veracity.

The Townsford Mill weir is jammed at its lowest point which is possibly where it would be lowered to in the event of flooding.

The whole point of repairing it is to make it possible to control the level of water in the town basin and ensure adequate flow in the event of flooding.

The expenditure of some £4.5m on the flood defences above Box Mill is presumably the real security against flooding? Or was it just window dressing?

It must make the Halstead in Bloom people utterly despair at the lack of support they get in making our town look good. It seems the local authorities are happy to have their names on the baskets of flowers but will not support a strong movement to get the Environment Agency off its duff and doing what we taxpayers pay it to do.

Maybe our MP, James Cleverly, who has shown some interest, could take up the cudgels again?

Richard Woods

Rosemary Lane, Halstead