Residents have raised concerns about an annual shooting event.

Essex Gun Master’s 200 Sporting Championship sees shooters from across the country travel to Hepworth Hall to take part in a week long clay pigeon shoot competition, starting on Monday.

The event has grown in popularity over the years, but residents living nearby are unhappy with the noise during the shoot.

They claim complaints to Braintree Council have been ignored and fear they face another week of disruption to their lives.

One resident said: “They shoot an average of a 100 shots-a-minute which if you happen to live in the wrong area is very noisy.

“People have complained to Braintree Council without any action taking place.”

The council confirmed since 2005 it had received 15 separate complaints relating to the shoot.

However, a spokesman said many complaints had been made once the event had finished, thus making it difficult to fully investigate the problem. He added: “This event attracts a large number of people to the district every year and is a significant source of business for Halstead.

“We understand it has increased in size and duration since it began several years ago.

“The landowner who has made alterations to the event to help mitigate the noise in an attempt to improve the situation for neighbours.”

A spokesman for organisers Essex Gun said sound experts are always on hand to ensure its events comply with regulations.

He said: “We have the sound monitored throughout shoots and make sure the noise is what it should be. If there are any problems, we get onto it straight away.”

For information about the shoot or if you have any concerns contact