Volunteers running a Second World War museum are desperately searching for a missing photograph which could form the centrepiece of an upcoming memorial service.

The Ridgewell Airfield Commemorative Association Museum will mark 75 years since the opening of RAF Ridgewell by running special events throughout the coming months.

The most significant of these will be a memorial service on June 23, which will mark 75 years since 24 people were killed by an accidental explosion at the airbase.

The names of those who lost their lives that day are displayed on a special memorial close to the museum and organisers want to display each of their photographs during the service.

Many of the photographs have been tracked down but a picture of construction worker John Hunwick remains elusive and members of the public are being urged to help.

Paul Bingley, chairman, said: “We have had a lot of help from American friends who have managed to get old school yearbook photos of some of the people who died.

“But we haven’t been able to find anything for Mr Hunwick.

“He had connections to Greenwich so we have been to the library there but had no luck.

“Having Mr Hunwick’s photo would really top the service off.

“There were lots of construction workers in the area at the time so hopefully there will be someone out there who is able to help.”

The special service in June will be one of several events and open days the museum will host in the coming months.

In July, a special documentary on Bud Owens, an American pilot who saved lives throughout the war, will be shown to visitors.

Mr Bingley hopes the open days will raise awareness about the museum’s importance during the war. He said: “It always amazes me how many people don’t know we are here.

“The airbase was very important throughout the war.

“There was something like 4,000 Americans based here which considering Ridgewell had a population of about 500 people, it was a big change.”

All open days and special events will be free to members of the public.

Anyone with information about the picture contact Mr Bingley on 01440 788345 or e-mail paulgbingley@ aol.com. For more on the museum visit rafcamuseum.co.uk