A grieving daughter has blamed two hospitals for the death of her father.

John Smith, 87, died on January 31 after being first admitted to Broomfield Hospital on November 16 for a broken arm.

During this time Mr Smith was moved and readmitted at least eight times, between wards and between Broomfield and Halstead Hospital, before spending his final hours at Chelmer Valley Care Home.

His daughter, Lynda Williamson, claimed while under NHS care her father developed pneumonia, delirium and suffered from muscle wastage.

She said: “Broomfield kept him on for a few days and said he should go to Halstead Hospital for rehabilitation.

“It just made him worse and between the two he developed pneumonia.

“Halstead Hospital was terrible. They would not let him walk in case he fell over so he lost the use of his legs.

“One of the sisters said my dad was not conforming to hospital policy so they put him on the chair with an alarm.

“If he moved it went off, they said if he didn’t conform they would give him Diazepam. I could cry thinking about the indignity of it.”

Halstead Gazette:

Lynda Williamson

Mr Smith returned to his home in Boscawen Gardens, Braintree, with his daughter but was readmitted to Broomfield Hospital because of pneumonia, which the family claim he developed while at hospital.

Still with his broken arm, Mr Smith was allegedly moved several times between wards with no physiotherapy to help him walk, having previously been prevented from walking.

Ms Williamson said: “He again developed delirium and was again told to sit there and stay in bed. He could not walk now because of the muscle wastage. Three days before he was first admitted he was dancing.

“He was moved, again, to Chelmer Valley Care Home.

“I begged them not to move him. I said he would get delirium again and it would kill him.”

The next day Mr Smith died.

Ms Williamson described his death as “traumatic” and has urged the NHS to examine the way it treats older people.

She said: “I have had my eyes opened to the lack of care of older people and it broke my heart.

“Staff at Broomfield would go around to people with dementia who lie there staring at the ceiling and leave the food there because no-one would feed them.

“It was heartbreaking, that could have been my dad.

“My dad went in with a broken arm and he died of it.

“They are to blame. They didn’t save him, they didn’t care for him. I should have chained myself to the bed.”

Dr Ellen Markings, medical director at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, which runs Broomfield Hospital, said: “We are extremely sorry to learn of the death of Mr Smith following his discharge from our care on January 31 and the serious concerns raised by his daughter Ms Williamson regarding aspects of his care, while he was a patient at Broomfield Hospital.

“The trust takes all incidents and complaints very seriously and our patient and liaison service and complaints Team are in liaison with Ms Williamson in order to fully investigate.

“I would be very happy to meet with Ms Williamson at her convenience to ensure we are providing the support and information needed at this very difficult time.”

Vicky Waldon, executive director at Provide, which delivers health services from Halstead Hospital, said: “I am sorry to learn of the death of Mr John Smith and my condolences to his family at this difficult time.

“We are working with Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust to fully investigate any complaints or concerns that may relate to our services.”