A doctor's surgery is hoping to transform its facilities to increase the space and number of staff available to provide medical treatment.

An entire floor of the struggling Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery is taken up by administration staff.

It is hoped part of this floor could be redesigned and used for consultation rooms if the lease, which only has six or seven years to run, is extended and money is made available.

The surgery has a backlog of patients struggling to get appointments and, with several large scale housing developments, more patients will be coming to the area.

Dr Daniela Kreis-Alsayed came up with the idea of the additional consultation rooms for healthcare staff.

The surgery is in line for £200,000 of contributions from developers who were granted permission to build homes around Halstead, and more could be available.

A spokesman for the Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, said:“We have been working with NHS England and the Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery to explore how the practice might increase its clinical accommodation, meeting with them most recently on 19th December.

"The CCG is committed to supporting any potential developments put forward by its member practices which meet the principles of our Strategic Estates Plan.”

Halstead Town Council also supports any expansion of healthcare facilities at the under fire surgery.

A spokesman said: “Councillors had a meeting with Dr Kreis-Alsayed and her team to make them aware of developer contributions that have been secured specifically for capital investment in the Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery.”

The council is also looking at how other parts of the town’s infrastructure can cope with developments.

The spokesman added: “All councillors are aware strengthening the infrastructure will better enable the town to cope with new building developments.”