I am surprised the Gazette dedicated two whole pages to the Boxing Day Hunt.

It’s a tradition that needs putting to bed.

Throughout the year, hunts all around the country go out and chase and kill foxes (and other animals) under the guise of “trail hunting”.

This is well documented by hunt monitors.

Foxes have been chased across busy A roads, where the hunts have said they were following a trail (why would they put a trail across a busy A road)?Terriermen are always present - why would you need them if you were just for trail hunting?

The general public should know that just because fox hunting is illegal, it still goes on.

“Sport” hunting is a sickness, in my opinion. People who get their amusement from hunting and killing defenceless animals are dangerous human beings.

As for the headline “hundreds” attend, perhaps it should have read “thousands did not attend”?

As the League Against Cruel Sports have stated, public opinion is at an all time low for hunting. The hunting law needs to be strengthened.

Katey Caron Baker