A RENOWNED artist will be displaying work valued at up to £7,000 per piece at Chappel Galleries.

Jamie Boyd is following in the footsteps of his father with an exhibition which opens tomorrow and runs for a month.

Boyd, of Australian descent, was brought up in England and spent a lot of his time painting in the great outdoors on Hampstead Heath, inspired by East Anglia’s very own John Constable, who is renowned for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale.

Boyd’s paintings cover a much wider geographic area, from Suffolk to Tuscany and back again, as he focuses on rigorous texture across his variety of oil, pastel, watercolour and tempera works.

Jamie, the son of Arthur Boyd, was born in Victoria in 1949.

As a painter, he continues the tradition of the Boyd family who have collectively made a profound contribution to Australian art.

Jamie has lived most of his adult life in London, returning to Australia periodically, his distinctive work thus reflects both the enduring influence of the Australian landscape and a broad international sensibility. A skilful painter, his work has achieved popular success and he had held 54 solo exhibitions since 1966 in Australian capital cities and in London, Germany, Holland and Italy. His work has appeared in numerous group exhibitions, largely with galleries in London and Australia.

Speaking about his art he said: “One of the joys of painting in the open air and on the spot’ is the pleasure of taking home to the studio that captured scene, not to copy but to be used as a prompt to rekindle the original inspiration. A reminder of the emotional state as much as a reminder of time and place.”

The gallery off Colchester Road is open from Wednesday to Sunday.