A groundsman is jumping for joy after winning £1 million in the EuroMillions.

Martin Crighton, 46, only discovered he was a National Lottery winner a month after the draw when he read about a missing millionaire in the area where he lives.

Mr Crighton, who lives in a rented house, is looking forward to buying his own home, but has no plans to give up work.

He said: “I was sat relaxing reading my local paper when I came across an article about a National Lottery winner who had not come forward to claim their prize.

“It jogged my memory. I always play the lottery and it occurred to me that maybe I hadn’t checked all of my tickets.

“I was checking my wallet and at the back, tucked among receipts and business cards, I found a ticket which hadn’t been checked.

“I looked in the paper and the code matched. I just thought this cannot be true.”

Mr Crighton, of Sudbury, immediately went down to his local pub, The Brewers Arms, to see the landlord, Shaun Davis, who is one of his best friends.

Mr Davis checked his tickets and confirmed the £1 million windfall.

A cycling holiday in Norfolk is top of his list of things to do now.

Mr Crighton, who is single, added: “Life will just be so much easier now.

“I love cycling and this is somewhere I have always wanted to go – now I can really live all of my dreams.”