A TRIO of twinning associations have marked a combined 92 years of being joined with towns in France.

Gosfield Twinning Association welcomed visitors from twinned town Chouze-sur-Loire last month to mark its 25th anniversary.

The weekend trip saw visitors take in Runnymede and then Windsor including Windsor Castle.

In the evening, 65 French and English guests boarded the New Queen of the Thames for a four- hour trip from Windsor to Maidenhead.

Bridget Waterer, chairman, said: “We were delighted to receive a generous donation from the Maurice Rowson Perpetual Trust which, along with the monies raised by the association over the year, enabled our spectacular 25-year celebration to take place.”

Sible Hedingham Twinning Association also marked 25 years of being joined with Choisy-au-Bac.

In total, 33 visitors stayed with local families and marked the occasion with a supper and dance held at Sible Hedingham Village Hall.

The visitors were presented with an inscribed plaque made for the occasion by the Bulmer Brickworks and a book about the long history of brick making in the Sible Hedingham area.

In return, an inscribed silver tray was presented to the village of Sible Hedingham and a bottle of champagne to each of the host families.

Visitors also spent time visiting Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge and the River Stour.

Chairman Leslie Mitchell said: “The visits between the two villages have always been enjoyable, but this year the 25th anniversary celebrations had given the weekend an extra, special dimension.”

Olivier Dhoury, the Maire-adjoint responsible for twinning in Choisy- au-Bac, said it was wonderful the two communities had reached the milestone.

Earls Colne Twinning Association also paid a visit to its twinned town of Nonancourt in Normandy.

The two villages have been joined since 1975 and marked their 40th anniversary in 2015.

Across the weekend they attended a dinner and dance, had a trip to Entertat and a visit to a country park.