A Halstead locksmith is offering free security checks to anyone in the town or surrounding villages in light of a recent spate of burglaries. 

Actfast Locksmiths believe that many potential burglaries could be prevented without the need to spend large amounts of money, but by adopting simple principles. 

Burglaries have increased in Halstead recently leading to an increased fear in residents. 

Graham Cooper, owner and master locksmith at Actfast Locksmiths, said: "I don't want to make anything out of this, I have been a locksmith in the area for a long time now and I just want to give something back. 

"I am not promoting my products, I am promoting good common sense and ways that we could help. 

"There is a real fear of crime developing in the area, a lot of people don't even need to buy anything, they just need to operate things properly and have a little bit of caution.

"Like deadlocking and multi lock, a lot of people just slam the door and leave it on the latch and don't think to lift the handle and turn the key, we are just offering a little bit of advice that could go a long way.

"We are just advising people of how to look out for the weaknesses in their home."

Actfast Locksmiths are fully licensed by the Master Locksmiths Association and an Essex Trading Standards approved company. 

Graham and his business have pledged to advise anyone free of charge on simple methods to prevent crime, regardless of whether you decide to purchase security upgrades from them, whether you require help with installation, or simply wish to do it yourself based on their advice. 

He said: "In an ideal world, of course one would always want a greater Police presence. 

"It is understood that many residents would also like street lights put back on at night, but in the meantime, while our community debates these issues, we also have a duty ourselves and it is in our control to adequately protect our property. 

"This does not require you to install the latest high tech locking system or sentries at the gate, but to consider your home and its perimeter in the mindset of a potential intruder and defend accordingly." 

If you want to book a security check, or simply want a quick chat with Graham, call 01787477513.