A school is well on its way to reaching its fundraising target after a successful danceathon.

Holy Trinity Primary School, in Beridge Road, Halstead, is raising £10,010 to install 28 solar panels on its roof.

The school has so far received £3,020 in donations, and this is set to be boosted by £500 after it held a danceathon on Monday.

Students and staff danced for the whole day, which started off with an all-school conga and finished with a class relay of dancing.

Karl Handy, head of computing and Holy Trinity Solar schools co-ordinator, said: “During the day every child danced for at least an hour to a looped compilation of music videos by artists as diverse as Black Lace and Carly Rae Jepsen.

“Several classes came back for more, or simply didn't leave the hall when their time slot ended.

“We had mixed-age groups at all times with the older children encouraging the younger ones, and often the other way around.

“Pretty much all the staff joined in too, and I danced all day.

“The children were really enthusiastic and I was delighted with how they embraced the idea and just kept dancing - it was quite a workout.

“Every child received a thank you and well done certificate and sticker at the end of the danceathon.

“It has also been heart warming to see the support, in terms of sponsorship, from our incredible parents and the wider school community.

“The Danceathon has raised over £500 so far for our Solar Schools campaign - just two months in we are fast approaching half the amount needed to install solar panels on our hall roof in 2016.”

Visit solarschools.org.uk/holytrinityhalstead to donate and find out more.