It's behind you! No, not Christmas but pantomime season, of course.

Sudbury Dramatic Society returns with its latest pantomime, Little Red Riding Hood, at the Quay Theatre, in Sudbury.

The annual seasonal show is on from December 12 until December 28, but with no shows on December 15 and Christmas Day.

It has been written by local author Andy Gribben and is directed by Robert Crighton, with Sudbury based watchmaker, jeweller and silversmith Angelo Smith sponsoring it.

The classic fairy tale has been given a new lease of life for the show, as we see Little Red Riding Hood battle the Big Bad Wolf and evil Winter King to save us all from a terrible winter.

The horrid King Winter wants to send the land into winter forever, and so he will be counting on the notorious Big Bad Wolf to wipe out Red Riding Hood for good.

Sweet Red Riding Hood must save the day and stop the king in his tracks, helping spring to rise once again. Get ready to join in with the singing, dancing and more and find out whether Little Red Riding Hood will be triumphant.

Tickets are from the Quay Theatre Box Office on 01701787 374745 or visit