October is set to be a busy month for Empire Theatre in Halstead.

The popular Raymond Froggatt and His Band are back for another evening of live music and rock entertainment.

Froggie, as he is known by his fans, has sold out concerts across the country and abroad, and his songs have been recorded by artists such as Cliff Richard, Dave Clark and Five.

Tickets are £14 and the doors open at 7pm on Sunday.

Tickets are now also available for the half term Kids Show on October 27 from 2pm.

Widdershins’ Theatre present their Magic Porridge Pot and Tasty Other Tales, which features three traditional stories told in a different way.

Tickets are £6.50.

To buy tickets call the box office on 07778 025490 between 12noon and 10pm daily or visit empire-theatre.co.uk.