A ukulele version of the Deep Purple classic Smoke on the Water might not instantly sound like a formula for musical success, but an Essex band are wowing audiences with their novel musical style.

D'ukes are a ukulele band featuring singers, bass and percussion, but they prefer not to be typecast in terms of the style of music they play.

And they will be showcasing their talents at Halstead Conservative Club on Saturday evening.

Their musical repertoire is vast and highly adaptable, with the band playing The Beatles one moment and Kings of Leon or Paolo Nutini the next.

The band formed in 2009 and has played hundreds of gigs in a variety of locations.

Last year, they embarked on their first tour, as they travelled to the Czech Republic to mix business and pleasure.

The band gained further exposure during the summer, as they were invited onto Channel Five’s Big Brother to perform during a housemates’ task.

D’Ukes are performing at Halstead Conservative Club, 34 High Street, on Saturday, from 8pm.

Entry is £3 each.

For more information about the band, visit d-ukes.com