The UK is set to celebrate the Chinese New Year in style with a series of events planned over the next few days. Thousands of people of all nationalities will join Chinese people living in the UK to welcome the official start of the Year of the Pig on Tuesday 5th February. 

London hosts the biggest celebrations outside of Asia. Organised by the London Chinatown Chinese Association, they will he held on February 10, with parades, stage performances, lion dances and traditional Chinese food. In Birmingham, meanwhile, a three-day party will be held from February 8, and will include a concert at Birmingham Cathedral, lion and dragon dancers and live performances from Shaolin Warriors. Manchester is also preparing for a weekend party from February 8-10, with enormous art installations, traditional arts and crafts classes for families and a parade led by a 175-foot dragon. From February 8-10, Liverpool will host live shows, spectacular Chinese New Year Projections and, as a climax, a pyrotechnic display on the Sunday evening. 

In all of the celebrations, of course, there will be one common theme: the Pig. 

According to the Chinese zodiac, all animals have their own personalities and symbolism. As the twelfth of the New Year creatures in Chinese culture, Pigs are symbolic of wealth and, with their chubby faces and big ears, also signs of good fortune. Could this mean that 2019 will prove to be a prosperous year for those across the UK seeking new jobs and rewarding salaries? 

Well, the characterisation of the Pig in Chinese culture certainly gives some great guidelines as to what the New Year could hold for your career. Being generally regarded as gentle animals who very rarely lose their temper, Pigs are able to see both sides of an argument, can make compromises and will even settle disagreements. 

This, of course, chimes well with anyone seeking a new position in HR, where diplomacy, tact and decision making are all essential qualities. With Brexit fears fuelling the need to ensure workplace safeguards for employees, many HR departments will be recruiting this year. Cezanne HR is one firm reflecting success in the sector, with the London-based company having just announced more than 40% annual growth in its cloud HR. 

Being such harmonious animals, whose ultimate goal in life is to bring good fortune and share health and happiness, Pigs are also great ambassadors for the charity jobs sector. Whether it’s working in fundraising, marketing or in retail – in the UK’s huge range of charity shops – 2019 could see a surge in careers where caring is paramount. 

That’s true, too, in areas such as education. Having an endless supply of patience, being naturally inquisitive and always wanting the best for everyone, Pigs display all of the qualities that make for amazing teachers. If a career in education is attractive, take heart from the fact that teaching jobs have seen the biggest annual pay rise of any industry, with average salaries climbing 15.9% year-on-year to £30,889 – a figure that’s been boosted by private teachers and tutors charging higher salaries. 

According to one Chinese myth, the Jade Emperor said the order of the zodiac animals would be decided by the order in which they arrived at his party. Unfortunately, the Pig was late because a wolf had destroyed the family home and so he had to rebuild the entire house before he could set off. While this meant he was the last guest and could only take twelfth place, it also showed a knowledge and natural talent for working in construction and property. 

There are already skills shortages in many key trades and managerial roles and many major developers are urging the UK government to ensure construction has the access to key skilled workers so that new homes and building projects can go ahead in 2019. 

Traditionally, the Pig is also associated between the hours of 9pm and 11pm, making them able to adapt to different work patterns. That’s important because shift work is common in many jobs sectors, such as health and social care, manufacturing and call & contact centres. 

It’s believed the Pig can sometimes lack well-planned proposals – and this is why it’s vital to make a plan of action, create a well thought-out CV and focus on career goals.  

Ultimately, however, the Pig shows incredible persistence and patience in seeking out a new career – this allows them to be bold in pursuing their dream.  

Why not channel your own Pig personality and get your Chinese New Year off to a great start with the latest career opportunities online?